Friday, October 26, 2007

LIVESTRONG at School Program by the Lance Armstrong Foundation

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is taking steps to education the public and this time they are going right to where we need it most, our children. The LAF has started a program, LIVESTRONG at School, which is geared towards helping teachers educate their students.

They have school level modules for learning:

Elementary School Teachers
Middle School Teachers
High School Teachers

Given the fact that 1 in 3 in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, the LIVESTRONG at School program will make a great impact on educating the public early and often. Long term this program should help increase the number of early detections and lower the number of deaths related to cancer. If we plant the educational seed early with our children we will have a much better chance at lower the death rates.

At last years LIVESTRONG Summit the topic of educating our children came up and I took it away as part of my personal action plan (PAP.) Seeing the LIVESTRONG at School program brought a BIG SMILE :-) to my face and many other people. I will be reaching out to schools in my area to ensure they get this news.

This program can only be a success with the help and support of our school systems. We need to bring this to them to review and have added to their health classes. We will need people to start talking about this so make sure to stir the pot and create a BUZZ.

As I told Doug Ulman, LAF President, the other day via email “We are about to make a momentous change in the fight against cancer.” With programs like LIVESTRONG at School, PROP 15, LIVESTRONG Day, LIVESTRONG Summit and the LIVESTRONG Challenge series we will one day BEAT CANCER.


Brian Dowd