Friday, November 9, 2007

Talk About Making a Difference

If your like me, a cancer survivor who tries to make a difference everyday, you must be inspired by what the Lance Armstrong Foundation recently accomplished in Texas. On Tuesday, Lance and his fellow Texans passed PROP 15 - 61% voted YES.

What does this mean? The majority of voters said YES to the following: "The constitutional amendment requiring the creation of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and authorizing the issuance of up to $3 billion in bonds payable from the general revenues of the state for research in Texas to find the causes of and cures for cancer."

Over the span of 10 years $3 billion will spent on cancer research. That is $300 million/year! This is specific to the state of Texas. All of us can do the same where we live. I have been writing to my state representatives to see what we can do here in New Jersey to do the same here. We need to do more in NJ.

It is victories like PROP 15 that show what we are doing is making a huge difference. It does not matter if you help one person, 1 million people or pass PROP 15. Big or small we can make a difference. I look forward to being a part in making a huge difference here in NJ.