Friday, September 26, 2008

Traveling and Decisions

Last week I was in Paramus, NJ testing vendor’s equipment and this Sunday afternoon I leave for Dallas, TX to test another vendor. It is definitely keeping work life interesting, but it is taking away from my time with Kristy, Caroline and Annabelle. That is the hardest part of all, but I push on knowing once it is over I will not be away much more for the rest of the year.

Since May I have been away every month for 4-5 days. Not much to some people, but not my normal schedule.

May - Myrtle Beach, SC
June - Wildwood, NJ with the family
July/August - LIVESTRONG Summit in Columbus, OHIO and a trip to Montreal
September – Paramus, NJ and Dallas, TX

Now, as we come up to October I have one more trip to take and I am having a hard time deciding what to do. This trip is not for work, but is more of a reward for raising over $15,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It is the Ride for the Roses!

Last year was my first year fundraising and I was able to raise enough to be asked to attend the Ride for the Roses as an LAF guest. They fly us down to Austin, TX for the Ride for the Roses weekend while inviting us to take part in two fundraising appreciation dinners, the 5k on Saturday and the option to participate in the Challenge on Sunday. This years Ride for the Roses appreciation dinner will have a special guest entertainer, country music legend Willie Nelson.

Last year was simply an amazing event. I was able to walk the 5k in honor of my grandfather as he was in his final days. He passed less than 24 hours after I returned home.

The reason this years decision is hard is that I want Kristy to be there with me, but unfortunately we do not have anyone who can watch the girls for the 3 days. It is important to me that Kristy is there with me to experience the weekend and to see Austin, TX for the first time. I know she would love the event and the city of Austin.

The last 24 hours I have been tossing around the idea of not attending, but then I think about it….there is no guarantee I will ever make it there again. Anything could happen! I remember telling Kristy back in January I needed to live my life and do things I would normal turn down. Like the Myrtle Beach trip. I turned that down the last 4 years, but after the scare in January I knew I had to live my life to the fullest.

I am thinking I need to do the same thing here. I will talk to Kristy about it today and make my final decision. Last night I was leaning towards not going, but after sleeping on it and my 90 minute ride to work this morning I am leaning towards attending.

I will go with what ever Kristy suggests.