Monday, June 30, 2008

Next Doctors Appointment - July 18th 8:30am

Well, it is that time again. Time to get ready to enjoy my favorite drink in the world. You know the chalky, white, berry tasting (sometimes banana) drink. It is like sitting on a beach and enjoying fruity drinks……NOT. I must be crazy because I actually do not mind the chalky drink as much as some people.

This will be my first 6th month check up since my January scare. This means I will have the following test done.

1. Doctor physical check up
2. CT of elvic, abdomen and chest with contrast
3. Ultrasound of testis (added in March to my check ups)
4. Blood work for a laundry list of items.

Let’s hope my positive outlook from January keeps momentum and all comes back clear. To help stay positive I schedule my doctor’s appointment for Friday (July 18th 8:30pm) before I leave for the LIVESTRONG Summit. I am sure my scans will happen between Monday-Tuesday (July 21-22.) My flight leaves Wednesday July 23rd and I will be on the flight to Columbus.

This is the first checkup I feel at piece and I am not worried at all. After the scare my family and I had in January I am forever prepared for any type of news. I truly believe staying positive helped my case and I will do the same this time around.