Friday, March 28, 2008

Calcium Depoist Shadow

The concern the doctors (Dr. Schor and Dr. Weiss) original had was a strange spot on my ultrasound print outs from January. It showed an area that they could not pin point what it was. Thus, they asked me to wait the 8 weeks to see if it grows and takes on blood. They also wanted me to go to Robert Wood Johnson to have another set of eyes looking at the issue.

According to my radiologist at Robert Wood Johnson my lump is a calcium deposit and the strange spot they saw on the original ultrasound was a shadow of the calcium deposit. The original ultrasound had one angle picture so the RWJ radiologist took several different angles and the strange spot kept following at each angle. She felt confident that their concern with the first image was the shadow.

The radiologist went on to explain that they are no longer concerned, but recommend I add the ultrasounds to my 6 month check ups. I reviewed this with Dr. Weiss at RWJ and CINJ and he agreed. He recommends I keep this for the remainder of my 6 month check ups, which is equal to 3.5 years (7 check ups total.) The check ups will consist of CT scans of pelvic, abdomen and chest (with contrast.) I will also continue with the blood work and now I add on the ultrasound.

I am extremely lucky to have such a great medical team. I highly recommend Dr. Martin Schor and Dr. Robert Weiss to anyone needing a urology specialist.

Now I can start looking forward to the Myrtle Beach, SC golf trip May 14th. Look out the “Crazy Ball Whacker Guy” is coming! Then our family vacation in June to Wildwood, NJ. Then, in July, my 6 month check-up and the 2008 LIVESTRONG Summit in Ohio.

Thank GOD I am cancer free! Thank you to everyone for all your support and kind words during the last 8 weeks!


~ Brian Dowd