Sunday, December 2, 2007

Disney World

Well, Kristy and I are no longer the only people in America who have not been to Disney World. We returned from our trip last night and I have to admit it was like being in a dream world in Magic Kingdom and we certainly - at times - felt like kids again.

Caroline and Annabelle we both very good on this trip and I must say that Annabelle did not have any crying issues. She was the perfect baby. Everyone we talked to before and during the trip was saying, "you should have left her home so you can enjoy your time here." The good news is we did enjoy our time in Disney. The kids were great. Of course at the end of a long day Caroline would get tired, but she remained good.....with a little over tired mixed in. I am glad we took the trip.

Caroline loved the entire trip. She is already asking "when are we going back?" She got the first class treatment (hair, dress, crown and makeup) and she looked beautiful.

I was glad to see Caroline having the time of her life. She deserves it! Remember, she saved my life! Kristy and I also had a great time. Yes, it is work with a 4 year old and 9 month old, but it was not bad at all. I would certainly do it again, but next time I would stay somewhere else.

We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and the resort looks great, but the room we had was less than standard. All other hotels I have stayed at over the years were better than this resorts room. I am going to be calling Disney to put in a direct complaint on their room and a few other issue. Definately not what we expected from a moderate level resort. Even people I spoke with on the bus over to the parks said the same thing and they stayed at the value resorts and said it was much, much better. We also ran into an issues with the dinning plan we purchased - the resort did not give us what we paid for so we ran into issues one night at dinner (very embarassing.) You would think after you pay in full for your trip in April that you would not have these issues, but we ran into them. The resort room was the only down point of the trip.

The bad room did not take away from a great vacation! The Magic Kingdom's Christmas party/parade was magical. They had fake snow and it made you feel like you were in a dream world. Just awesome!

Next we will stay somewhere new. We cannot wait to go back - maybe next year. For more photos: