Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cancer Advocates Coalition

Back in the Fall of 2006 I was among a group of LIVESTRONG Summit delegates that collaborated together to create a regional summit. The regional summit would have the similar goals as the LIVESTRONG Summit and also more focused effort on showing people how they can be leaders in their community. It was a great committee to be a part of, but unfortunately I had to leave the committee to attend to my other advocacy and fundraising projects (i.e. LIVESTRONG Challenge, 2 Big fundraising events, websites, etc.)

Leaving the committee was hard. I knew that the committee was going to do something special and make a difference in the fight against cancer. Right before Annabelle was born I knew I could not undertake such a time extensive mission as I was already going to be focused on my family, work and committed to the LIVESTRONG Challenge (creating a team and fundraising events.) All of which were going to take up a lot of my time so I contacted the committee Chairman Ronald Bye to let him know my decision.

I let Ron know that I simply took on too much at one time and I had to make a decision on what project to drop. I felt that the only one I could drop was the committee do to my plans for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Though I felt bad, I knew I made the right decision.

Since leaving the committee I have stayed in contact with Ron to keep track of their progress. I always told Ron that I will be their #1 supporter and I AM.

Today the committee is now the Cancer Advocates Coalition. They have done a great job to organize a life changing summit to be held this September 15th at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT. Here is the summary from their website:
The primary focus of this summit is to educate, inspire and empower people to go
back into their respective communities with a personal action plan that will
make a difference in someone’s cancer experience! That can take many
different avenues and is determined by you and what you are comfortable
doing. We will be offering instruction on non-profits, creating
support/focus groups, internet based ideas, political/legislative advocacy
and fundraising.
To register for the Summit please visit:

As I said, I am their #1 supporter. Please take time to visit their website and get involved with their Summit. Ron and the team are committed to helping all cancer survivors. If you cannot attend please kindly donate and help them.