Friday, July 20, 2007


I saw my Urologist last week, Dr. Martin Schor, for my 6 month checkup and scheduled my 3 CT scans and blood work for Friday – July 20, 2007.

During my checkup I explained to my doctor how I was involved with the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and organizing multiple fundraisers. He was please to see I was getting active in the cancer community. I told him I would be speaking at each event and would make sure to tell everyone how appreciative I am to have such a great doctor. Dr. Schor has been FIRST CLASS all the way.

Last year, during my second opinion session with Dr. Schor I found him to be filled with information. He made sure to review all my options (i.e. surgery, radiation, chemo, etc.) with me and also helped direct me to specific informational websites on cancer (i.e. ACS, LAF, etc.) He has over 30+ years experience and was able to ease my mind on what the future would be like. He also could not believe how I found out I have testicular cancer - my daughter kicking me in the groin while sleeping. He never heard that before!

He was also very straight forward and did not “sugar-coat” anything. Dr. Schor also stressed upon me to lose some weight. When Dr. Schor performed the surgery he stated it took a bit longer as he has to check much deeper b/c of my “big ole gut.” I told him I would start to lose the weight which I have lost 27-30 lbs since that time. I am working to lose more!

Today I go for my CT SCANS of my pelvic area, abdomen and chest. It is a big day! I have to admit; until the results come back it will sit on my mind. I have confidence that I will be OK, but I am also realistic. There is no guarantee of good or bad results so I will just wait. I will continue to keep a positive attitude!

I will focus on LIVING my life and enjoying it regardless of the test results.