Monday, July 23, 2007


After a few weeks of not touching my bike I began my recommitment to training. I planned out a route which would take me further then my normal 20 mile ride.

It was nice as I took a different route that took me through Beachwood, South Toms River, Bayville, Forked River, Lanoka Harbor, back to Bayville, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach and back to Beachwood. All totaled I rode 30 miles.

For the first 20-25 miles I was fine. I held a steady cadence and felt great. I hit some very challenging stretches, but always kept a good cadence.

Around mil 25 it was like I hit a wall. I was riding along the water in Bayville/Ocean Gate and the head wind was around 15-20MPH which forced me to expend more energy. My biggest issue was I did not bring anything with me other than my water. I planned my route out so I could stop for water at my mother’s house in Bayville, but I forgot to get some food.

Lesson Learned! I will certainly never go out again without some type of energy bar or food source. I know if I had something I could have made the trip without issue.

Not having the energy made for a “less than fun” last 4-5 miles of my ride. My cadence was ruined and I only had the energy to build up speed –stop peddling- build up speed – stop peddling - build up speed – stop peddling, etc. I made it home, but was drained and quickly ate lunch to regain the energy I lost.

It was good to learn this lesson. I am doing the 40 mile ride in the LIVESTRONG Challenge and now I understand the importance of sustaining energy level. I will certainly remember this in the future. Yesterday afternoon my wife went out and got me a few different bars to try out for my next ride.