Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fundraising for the LAF

Today the LAF released documents that will assist all LIVESTRONG Challenge participants on their website. These documents included the following:
  1. 6 Easy steps to $1000 - a document which shows the participant some examples of how they can raise $1000.
  2. Fundraising Event ideas - a document that gives a lot of good ideas for fundraising events.
  3. How to pitch stories to the media - a five steps guide to reaching out to media outlets.
  4. Tips for talking to the media - reviews what participants should do before, during and after interviews. What to do when being interviewed in person or via phone.
  5. LIVESTRONG Challenge Can Wrap - wrap it around a can and ask your local stores if you can leave it to collect donations.
  6. LIVESTRONG Challenge stickers, buttons, decals, magnets, flyer and binders
  7. Benefiting the LAF banners
  8. Informational card about the LIVESTRONG Challenge
  9. Logos - stating "Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation" one color and one B&W.

The LAF does a terrific job to ensure participants have all the tools and materials they need for our fundraising. I am going to order my materials soon.

This is a very exciting time and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead of us in all areas – fundraising, getting sponsors, planning events, training for the ride, building my team DOWN ONE and much more. (website enhancements coming soon)

Last week I started to drive around to get the mileage of where I plan on training near my house. This is going to be a challenge that I cannot wait to start. I signed up for the 40 mile ride. My trianing is going to start with 10 mile bike rides and I will increase as I get more comfortable. It is not a race, but I will be timing myself. I need to exercise and lose weight, a lot of weight!

Since my radiation treatment ended September 1, 2006 I have lost around 25 lb. The only thing I have done is eat a little less and eat more salads for lunch. The last few weeks I have been drinking a new health drink "Mona Vie" which I have to admit has made me feel better and taste good mixed with OJ. I am not as tired at night and that only started once I started drinking Mona Vie.

I have reached out to Mona Vie to get them on board as a sponsor and I have a verbal agreement that as long as I like the product (which I do) they are willing to be one of my sponsors for the Challenge. I am trying to get my SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT FORM completed ASAP so I can sign them up and have everything in writing.

The sponsorship will be in form of a donation directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in my HONOR either online on my donation site or by printing out the donation form and using my participant ID: 135306332. My team will wear the sponsors company name/logo during the Challenge and there will different sponsor recognition based on their level (still working out these details.)

Training is going to be hard and fun at the same time. That is why I started with the 40 mile and not the 70 or 100. I am going to work at building my stamina to do the 40 and beyond.
I already have a 11 members on team DOWN ONE and I look forward to signing up more. As I said, this is an extremely exciting time. More to come on future posts....