Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CBS Evening News Series Called “Cancer Cures, Cost & Controversy”

During the last nine months cancer has been the #1 priority in my life outside my family. I think about it night and day. Unfortunately, it took being diagnosed with testicular cancer to make it such a high priority. In my opinion, that is similar to what has happened the last two weeks. Throughout this time period cancer has not been a “hot topic” for news and media outlets, but recently things have changed.

As you might have read last week, Elizabeth Edwards announced her cancer has returned and yesterday we read Presidential spokesman Tony Snow’s cancer has also returned. These are two people who are in the news and their battle with cancer has been making front page news, but at the same time it has also brought cancer to the forefront.

Last night CBS Evening News did an excellent job covering cancer by starting a series called “Cancer Cures, Cost & Controversy”. They explained to the viewers what cancer is and how it spreads throughout the body (metastasis).

Here are some of the facts they stated (data from the ACS)
· 1.4 million people with be diagnosed in 2007
· 1 in 2 men will get cancer during their life
· 1 in 3 women will get cancer during their life
· 77% of people diagnosed are 55 or older
· 120,000 people die of lung cancer caused by smoking

Dr. Steve Rosenberg, Chief of Surgery at the NCI, spoke about treatment options Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. These options cure over 50% of all cases (data from the NCI)

CBS also covered a few risks & how to prevent cancer.

What increases your risks of getting cancer?
· Smoking
· Family history
· High Fat diet
· No exercise

How can you Prevent getting cancer?
· Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
· Regular check ups with you doctor
· Self exams

They briefly touched on the fact that as “baby boomers” get older the number of people getting diagnosed with cancer will greatly increase. For you “baby boomers” out there please get regular check ups for prostate, colon and breast.

Tonight CBS Evening News will have more on Cancer - “Cancer Cures, Cost & Controversy” I highly recommend watching it as you will walk away with some knowledge on cancer. They will cover cancer research, how and why cancer spreads.

I read on Lance’s blog that he was interviewed by CBS Evening News yesterday so maybe he will be on and continue his great work on making cancer a national priority. Please watch tonight!