Monday, March 26, 2007

Training – First ride in around 15 years

Saturday I purchased my bike from Beachwood Bikes and got a lot of accessories (computer, bike shorts, helmet, gloves, water bottle, tool bad, tools and spare tire.) Prices for bikes have skyrocketed since I was teenager, but it was well worth it as I plan on doing these events going forward. I purchased a left over 2005 Allez Specialized 27 speed. I got it with $200 discount and 20% discount for all accessories.

The guys at Beachwood Bikes are great. I spoke a lot to the owner Greg Trout and he was filled with important information on how to ride properly. Greg and his team do an excellent job ensuring the customer learns before purchasing and understands the difficulties of riding. I was able to give Greg all the information on my participation in the LIVESTRONG Challenge, my cancer experience and my fundraising activities. I hope to work with Beachwood Bikes on my fundraising projects.

Last night was my first real ride and it was great. I did 5 miles to try it out right before sunset. The temperature dropped 10 degrees while riding so it was cold - 40 degrees. Maybe I should have waited, but still a very nice a ride and I know now that straight a ways are good and I really need to practice on the sharp does that take a lot out of you. Knees were a bit soft after that – but not complaining. It was great to be challenged and I feel good today!

Overall I did OK - 5 miles, 12.6 MPH AVG, 22.6 MPH MAX (down hill) in 25 minutes. Though I am not racing I would have made it home 5 minutes sooner if I would have been able to climb the sharp incline quicker, but hey - it gives me a goal.

Well I am off. This week I plan on riding 3-4 times early more or in the evening. This will be a fun time and I look forward to it. Please check out Jen and Lauren's blog on their training for the LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin.