Thursday, March 29, 2007

CBS Evening News Series Called “Cancer Cures, Cost & Controversy” Day 2

I missed last nights CBS Evening News, but I was able to watch it online.

Cancer Research Funding cuts

  • NCI budget has been flat the last few years since 2003 and it will be cut by 78 Million this year.
  • 3000 fewer clinical trials this year

Spreading of Cancer cells

  • 90% of cancer deaths are do to where the cancer cells end up – NOT where they start
  • This is why for some cancer patients, including me; doctors often remove the tumor and then recommend a preventative treatment like radiation or chemotherapy.
  • This is done do to doctors not knowing if they were able to remove all cancerous cells.

What type of cancer causes the most deaths?

  • Lung cancer – over 160,000 project deaths in 2007
  • Think about it – if people would just stop smoking we could greatly reduce the number of deaths.

I HOPE people understand cancer will not go away unless we take action now. There is a lot of work we need to do in terms of research, clinical trials, funding, awareness/education, but the most important step is recognizing cancer is a problem. It is the 2nd leading cause of death in America. As Lance Armstrong has been saying for years - It is time we make cancer a national priority!