Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting off the year

The last month has been tough to a few of my friends and family. My brother-in-laws mother passed away on Christmas Eve after a long fight with cancer. A coworkers mother passed away also from cancer. Yesterday I learned of a friend from high school, who I have not spoken to since we graduated, has a 10 year old son with Tectal Glioma Brain Stem Tumor. It shows how much work we have ahead of us. I will certainly make sure to make a difference in their memory and honor.

On Monday I had a doctor’s appointment with my dermatologist. She removed 3, as she stated, "curious marks" from my back to get tested. This is not the first time. In May 2006, weeks before I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, I had 13 marks removed and tested and then went back to have one more retested do to "cell activity." I found that I did not have skin cancer. It runs in my family as my father had it so I make sure to get checked up at least once a year or more if the doctor recommends. I should get my results later this week.

On Friday I got my reminder in the mail from Doctor Schor to make my 4 month appointment in February. I know I say it every time, but time sure does fly by. I feel as if i were just there. I will make the appointment sometime this week during lunch.

Also on On Friday I delivered LIVESTRONG Notebooks, LIVESTRONG wristbands and other informational material to the Radiation Oncology department at Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ. My wife made the call on Monday and by Friday I was able to drop off the items. The best part of helping them was they really needed it. They are glad to now have a local representative/volunteer of the LAF to go to when they need material.

This week Kristy will be calling all hospitals in Ocean County to see what we can do to help them. We are offering free LIVESTRONG notebooks, wristbands, cancer informational material. We are offering to assist with support groups and speaking to patients and nursing programs.

2008 ended on a sad note, but there is a lot to do in 2009 and we are off to a great start!