Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Summary

Here is a brief summary of 2008 on this blog and some things that were in the news.


  • Excitement of the Presidential elections and their stance on cancer and other health related issues
  • Starting my 2008 LIVESTRONG Challenge fundraising
  • Caroline’s sinus issues, CT scans and scheduling Adenoid removal surgery in April.
  • My health scare, finding another lump and the waiting 6-8 weeks for another ultrasound
  • The passing of a brave young woman, Holly Young, whom I met at the 2006 LIVESTRONG Summit.


  • Being asked (and accepting) by the LAF to be on the LIVESTRONG Summit Steering Committee
  • Started reading Russ Perez’s Testicular cancer blog
  • NCI released new data that there are nearly 12 million cancer survivors.
  • Booking my 5 day golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for May
  • Found Hope for Holly and began following their blog.
  • Signed up several Team Down One sponsors
  • Celebrating Annabelle’s 1st Birthday


  • Following Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture)
  • LIVESTRONG Summit recruiting
  • Waiting to get my ultra sound was weighing on my mind
  • Guest Speaking in Philadelphia High school
  • Signed up several Team Down One sponsors
  • Finding out I was cancer free (darn calcium deposit shadow)
  • Dr. Randy Pausch provided testimony to the Labor, Health & Human Services Subcommittee


  • Canceling Caroline’s Adenoid removal surgery.
  • Promoting Testicular Cancer Week
  • Learned about “If You Don’t Fight Cancer, You Don’t Know Jack”
  • Participating in the MS Walk in Seaside, NJ with my family
  • Promoting LIVESTRONG Day


  • Skin cancer awareness month
  • My friend Dee gets the "Spirit of Courage Award"
  • Boston Red Sox and cancer survivor Jon Lester throws no-hitter
  • Senator Edward Kennedy has cancer
  • LIVESTRONG Day “Cocktails for a Cure” in Seaside, NJ
  • Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach was a great time!
  • Promoted at work to Director of Voice ILD Network Engineering
  • Stand Up to Cancer Announced air date


  • Celebrated Kristy’s 31st birthday, which also marks 2 years since I was diagnosed with cancer
  • Helping hundreds of people raise funds for their LIVESTRONG Challenge participation
  • NBC’s Tim Russert dies
  • Family vacation to Wildwood, NJ which turned out to be a quick one after Caroline got a stomach bug
  • Tiger Woods US Open win was AWESOME!


  • My sisters Applebee’s fundraiser
  • Amazing story of Eric Shanteau, Olympic swimmer
  • Tony Snow and Bobby Murcer Die after fighting cancer
  • My 4 month checkup and cancer FREE
  • LIVESTRONG Summit, meeting old and new friends while both helping and participating in the Summit.
  • Randy Pausch dies
  • Work trip to Montreal


  • New Personal action plan out of the summit
  • Fundraising push before the LIVESTRONG Challenge
  • Lance's 2nd place finish in the Leadville Trail 100
  • The passing of Leroy Sievers
  • Team Down One raised over $40,000 since Feb. 2007
  • Participating with my family and friends in the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philadelphia
  • Started LIVESTRONG Army Ocean County NJ
  • Barak Obama’s DNC speech


  • Stand Up to Cancer
  • John McCain’s RNC speech
  • Guest spoke at Philadelphia Community College
  • Lance Armstrong announces he will return to cycling and raise global awareness on cancer
  • Remembering 9/11 – we will never forget!
  • I was in our company news letter sent to over 5,500 staff
  • Work related trips to Paramus, NJ and Richardson TX.
  • Booking my Ride for the Roses weekend trip for October was a tough decision


  • I joined Twitter
  • One year since my grandfather passed away
  • Ride for the Roses in Austin, TX
  • Work trip to Loveland, CO


  • I posted a few reviews of the Ride for the Roses
  • Presidential Election – Barak Obama WINS!
  • 4 month check up – still cancer free
  • Promoting my wife’s fundraiser


  • LIVESTRONG Challenge 2009 registration is opened
  • Created the Team Down One registration
  • Held a fundraiser and raised several hundred dollars for the LAF
  • Guest spoke at Buck County Community College
  • WHO announced cancer will be the worlds #1 killer by 2010
  • LIVESTRONG Day 2009 announced – October 2nd
  • Christmas and New Years