Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There is nothing like Election Day. All Americans have a chance to stand up and cast their vote for their elected officials. Today is extra important as we get to select the next President of the United States of America. I am a true believer that this year we have two good choices and regardless of which one gets selected we will be headed for CHANGE.

Today I voted at 7:15am EST in the Beachwood fire house. I have voted numerous times and I can say that I never saw the amount of people I saw today. It was great to see and I am confident we will see the biggest voter turn out in the history of the USA.

I have kept an opened mind and have not let party ideologies come into play with my decision. I do not listen to the ultra-conservatives who say Obama is a Socialist and I do not listen to all the negative liberal attacks on Governor Palin. I have read up on the facts on both Presidential candidates and their VPs and feel that I am well informed on who I like and why. It also takes a little gut instinct too.

I hope all of you do the same. Do not get wrapped up into staying conservative or liberal. Make sure to base your decision on the truth and not the media opinion (this goes for both parties.)

Remember we have two good candidates. Get out and VOTE!


Brian Dowd