Friday, November 7, 2008

4 Month Check up

I went for my 4 month check up with my urologist Doctor Martin Schor of Mahmood-Schor Urology in Toms River, NJ. Before my check up I gave Dr. Schor 10 LIVESTRONG Notebooks and Wristbands to hand out to his patients that have cancer. Dr. Schor really liked the idea and mentioned he knew of a 46 year old man who is a new patient with Prostate cancer that he will be giving it to. I told him to contact me if he needs more.

Nothing like knowing you are helping people in their cancer experience. It definitely makes your day feel that much better.

My check up went quick. Dr. Schor performed the exam and gave me some good news. Instead of needed another round of CT scans (pelvic, abdomen, chest) and ultrasound of testis I will only need blood work this time. In 2008 I have already gotten 3 CT scans and 3 ultrasounds so he wants to spread it out more. I could not agree more. While in Austin for the Ride for the Roses I sat with an Oncologist from Nebraska who mentioned to me a recent study has shown we should reduce the amount of CT scans of patients.

I could not book my February appoint as his computers were down so I will call it in after the holidays. After leaving Dr. Schor’s I stopped across RT 37 to get my blood work done at Quest. It was real quick in/out as no one was there. I sure do like quick office visits.


Brian Dowd