Thursday, August 7, 2008

What is my New Personal Action Plan?

I am writing this down as notes, nothing formal yet as i keep thinking of things to add.

The biggest part of my personal action plan is to help people both local and national get involved in the fight against cancer and support the LAF. I will help them fundraise. I have a lot of ways of doing this all of which I am sharing on my blog ( and facebook. I am taking the advice of my friend Michael Birdsong am trying to make Facebook into more of a real social networking site where we share ideas to help the greater cause and not just use it to connect with people. We want to connect and be productive! I already started this one. Thanks to Michael for inspiring me on this one.

I may even start a local training course to help further communicate. I will help them talk to people about their experience; help get them involved making cancer a town/state/national priority.

I will start on my local level with our mayor and council. I will get them to help lead the fight with us it will become easier to open doors on a state level. I will start talking about a community cancer support group for people in your city/township/boro who are survivors (this includes caregivers, family and friends - people directly affected by cancer.) for this I will work with the LAF on getting material. The more people we can get together the more we can get join the LIVESTRONG Army.

I am thinking about working with my Mayor to have him create a proclamation for LIVESTRONG Day 2009 in my town of Beachwood, NJ. This will also include some type of event, which I will have to plan.

I will of course continue fundraising, guest speaking and reaching out to the public via media outlets. I also have a few big plans which I will not release until I can put it all together.