Friday, August 8, 2008


Our fellow LIVESTRONG Summit delegate and 2008 LIVESTRONG AWARD winner Jeffrey Schwartz is allowing us to share his project which can be applied in schools or towns.

Two years ago, with the support of the LAF, it was at Lincoln Middle School that Jeff developed “Kids LIVESTRONG”, a support group and discussion forum for students and faculty members affected by cancer.

Since then, Jeff and his students have raised several hundred dollars for the LAF and helped to distribute informational materials and cancer related resources to approximately 3,000 people. Accordingly, his group has made major strides towards helping to make cancer a local and a national priority by raising awareness about cancer, the importance of early detection, effective treatment options, and survivor care, in addition to the need for increased research and funding.

Please visit to find more information on Jeff's project. This is a true Grassroots effort! THANK YOU to Jeffrey Schwartz for allowing me to share his success story with hope that others can replicate where they live.

We do not have to “reinvent the wheel.” Sometimes we can just build on a person, like Jeff's, past success. This KIDS LIVESTRONG can be converted to local level (community based) program in your town. Just call it something different (i.e. your town name LIVESTRONG Project - Beachwood LIVESTRONG Project)

Let's see what you can do!