Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fundraising Idea - Team Sponsorships

If you participate in a fundriasing event (LIVESTRONG Challenge, Relay For Life, MS Walk, etc.) An easy way to raise a few hundred or even few thousand dollars is to create a team for the event and then get businesses (local or national) to sponsor your team. You would be surprised to learn that a lot of businesses want to sponsor your team. Here are some pointers on getting sponsors.

Create a sponsorship form - give information on the sponsorship opportunity, create different levels of sponsorship($100, $250, $500, 1000 or more) with recognition for each level, include payment information (online or mail in) and agreement. To see a sample sponsorship form got to Please feel free to use as a template.

Create a cover letter with information on the event, why you are doing it and information on the organization you are fundraising for (i.e. LAF, ACS, MS Society, etc.) If you are a survivor or a loved on is (or has passed away from cancer) make sure to hit on the personal points of why this means so much to you. Personalizing it will go a long way.

Go out to your local businesses and national chains to get them to sponsor you. For local businesses go door to door. For national chains go to their Community Relations departments. Remember to network with family, friends and coworkers.

You will find sponsors and this does not take a lot of work. All sponsorships should go directly to the organization via online or mail, but remember to get credit for it. I hope this helps at least one person as it will ultimately help raise funds.