Monday, March 24, 2008

So much for getting the Color Flow Ultrasound today!

I left work at 11:30am today to head over to RWJ in New Brunswick. I found the ride from Matawan to New Brunswick to be much faster that I remembered. I took the GSP north to NJTP south. I made it there in 20 minutes. No traffic at all. Love it!

Admissions department was the place to be so when I got there I ran over there to get checked in. The admissions lady was extremely nice and helpful. It was my first time in RWJ so I asked a lot of questions about where to go, how long it usually takes, etc. Funny enough I got checked in and admitted within 10 minutes. I was off to G1 level to the radiology department. Again I only had to wait 10 minutes and was asked to head over to the ultrasound room with one of the nurses.

Once I got there I was asked to change into the standard robe, you know the one where your butt hangs out, and it was cold. I got into my robe and sat on the table waiting for the nurse to come back. It was several minutes before the nurse came back, but this was a different woman. The supervisor came over and asked to see my previous ultrasound results. I said, “Sorry, but I was not asked to bring them.” The supervisor said she was calling Ocean Medical Imaging in Toms River to get them faxed over the previous results. I said fine and waited for her to come back.

She came back in 5 minutes and said they will be faxing over the results in a few minutes. The radiologist wanted to compare my old and new ultrasounds. I felt like a complete idiot for not bringing the old ones, but since I was not asked to bring them I left them at home. Note to Self: Put all CT scans, ultrasounds and blood work in car.

Roughly 8-10 minutes passed when the supervisor came back to say that they were not going to do my ultrasound because they do not have anything to compare it to. I asked if they can please do the color flow ultrasound today and I will bring the old ultrasound prints tomorrow or Wednesday. My concern was that this was going to take us past Wednesday and to tell you the truth I am SICK & TIRED of not know what the lump is so I stressed to her I wanted the ultrasound today. She understood my point, but suggested I reschedule the ultrasound for Wednesday morning. This would allow me to get the ultrasound and get my results 12:30pm Wednesday. I asked her to confirm this and she did.

I was so frustrated I told her, “I have to be honest I am extremely pissed off right now. If I were told to bring the ultrasound prints I would have.” I also told her that I knew this was not her fault, but I needed to present my frustration as I do not live close and would rather have the ultrasound today and get the prints up here tomorrow or Wednesday. I did not continue to complain, but I certainly felt like it. However, I told the supervisor that she did not need to keep saying she is sorry since she is not at fault. She was polite and kept saying it over and over….I could see that pushing the issue would not turn out in my favor so I rescheduled for Wednesday at 11:00am.

I am actually going to call to see if I can make it for 10:00am to give me some time to get the new ultrasound and then head across the street for the results at CINJ. So now I have some more waiting to do, but at least I will still get my results on Wednesday 12:30pm.

Let’s hope Wednesday brings some good news!


~ Brian Dowd