Thursday, March 6, 2008

Randy Pausch

Every since I was diagnosed with cancer I started to read more and more about other cancer survivors experiences. I really do get inspired by them and try to learn a few lessons along the way. The daily battle in which Randy Pausch is fighting is one that inspires all of us.

This is the same man who gave his Last Lecture. This is a man who was told, on Aug 15, 2007, he probably had 3-6 months of good health and he is still with us today.

I follow his updates on a weekely basis and just recently he received some good and bad news. I cannot get over how brave Randy has been through all of this. It is amazing that he continues to enjoy life. Though I do not know Randy personally I have learned from him. It is not about knowing how short life really is or in his case extremely short, but it is about LIVING life to it's fullest extent. We have to enjoy our time while we are here.

I am sure you will agree that Randy is a true inspriation to all survivors.


~ Brian Dowd