Sunday, March 23, 2008


I go in tomorrow for my ultrasound to see "IF" I have cancer again. I am not sitting round sulking and waiting for bad news. I am actively trying to raise funds and awareness. I have personally signed 6 sponsors to the team during this time. I started one month ago and the results have been great.

We are off to a great start with the fundraising. We have $8,966 already online with an additional $2,250 yet to be mailed to the LAF. This will put us at $11,216 which is 37% of our team goal. We did not hit number last year until August. I have no doubt this year we will crush last years numbers, but it can only happen by getting more people signed up on the team and actively fundraising and recruiting more people. Getting more people on the team is equally important. The more people involved means we are raising awareness and getting people involved.

I am asking you to step up and get involved today. We need your help! PICK A FIGHT TODAY WITH CANCER! Join Team Down One TODAY!

If you cannot participate in the Challenge you can still join to help us raise funds and recruit new members to fight cancer. Please help us in the fight!