Sunday, May 20, 2007

Traveling Last Few Weeks

I have been traveling the last few weeks so my posts have been limited – to none. I will get back on track after Memorial Day.

My travels have been work related and my team and I are trying to make the most out of our night time. The week of May 7th we were in San Jose, CA. Very nice place! Unfortunately we did not have time during the day to see everything, but at least the night time let us venture to a few nice restaurants. It was hot out there – 90 degrees during the day. While I was out there I reached out to Bob Hammer – Founder of the Have A Ball Foundation. Bob is also a testicular cancer survivor – and he too has an amazing story to he shares with people. He read my story and complimented me on how amazing it is. We are two very lucky men!

I sent him an email asking for a little assistance to try and understand how Bob is able to get so many corporate sponsors for his foundations golf outing. Though our conversation was only 15-20 minutes I was able to gain a wealth of knowledge from him. I mean – WHY recreate the wheel? I went right to a person who has built a proven track record and was able to gain insight as to what I should be doing.

Bob also put me in touch with the Lance Armstrong Foundations #1 fundraiser – Charles Mulea. Like Bob and I, Charles is also a testicular cancer survivor. I spoke to Charles and found out he is also from New Jersey – Tinton Fall area. After my traveling is over I plan on going out with him to get to know him. He was kind enough to offer teaming up on certain future events for the LAF. Charles is an amazing guy who puts forth a great effort to raise funds for the LAF and I look forward to working with him.

After my time in San Jose I have a few days at home with Kristy, Caroline and Annabelle. There is nothing like coming home to them. It is hard to leave, but I know I do not usually travel this much so it is a one time thing. Hard to leave – great to come home!

Last week I was in the Boston area which I like a lot. Nice area, great places to eat and drink and of course you got the SOX. I an NY/NJ area fan of the Yanks, Mets and event the Phillies to an extent – but Fenway Park is like no other so I was very excited to have the opportunity to see them play. We had tickets to see the SOX vs Tigers on Wednesday, but my poor luck brought rain and the game was rescheduled.

Though I missed seeing the SOX we did go eat at the Capital Grille in Boston near the park. I had what I am calling a Top 5 steak – meaning it is in the top 5 steaks I have ever eaten. The guys I was with all agreed. It was a 20oz Ribeye, rubbed with olive oil and porcini mushrooms. It was a perfect steak! There was nothing I could find wrong. It was simply delicious. I cannot wait to get in the future – maybe before a SOX game.

This week I am in Germany. As I write this I am in my hotel room in Aachen, Germany. Just arrived this morning - I was in Newark airport at 3:30pm (est) yesterday and arrived in Brussels, Belgium at 3:00am and then took a car service to arrive at my hotel in Aachen, Germany at 5:00am (est) or 11:00am here in Germany.

There is not much to say so far. I walked around while I waited to get my hotel room and I just got out of the shower – I really needed it! I will be here until Friday morning and arrive back in Newark airport at 11:00am (est). Just in time for the great Memorial Day Weekend traffic on the NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

I do not have work today or tomorrow so I will be walking around town taking pictures that I will posted when I get back. I hope this week goes by quick so I can get back to Kristy, Caroline and Annabelle. I miss them!

More posts on my training and fundraising will come out this week.