Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards - News

Minutes ago Elizabeth Edwards announce her cancer has returned and is now in her bones. It is still early and the Edwards are optimistic. The cancer will now be with her for the rest of her life, but it is treatable. As John Edwards stated “It is much like diabetes.” She will need to take treatment for the rest of her life.

Elizabeth is a STRONG woman and I admire her courage. I am inspired by her strength. When I was a delegate at the LIVESTRONG Summit last October Elizabeth was a guest speaker. She was an everyday person who does not speak for a living – but she did a great job telling stories from letters people wrote to her while she was going through her first round with breast cancer. She showed strength and courage in October and she shined during today’s news conference.

Elizabeth pointed out how her broken rib - which is a symptom – drove her to get a check up. As all cancer survivors know it is the symptoms that save our lives. it was a symptom of discomfort that drove me to perform a self-exam and then go to the doctors. Early detection is extremely important!

Elizabeth Edwards is not going to let cancer ruin her life. She is going to fight cancer and live her life. Elizabeth Edwards is an inspiration to all cancer survivors and to all people.

Remember when you see Elizabeth, you are looking a real American Hero.