Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Reform Opinion

I am glad that Health Care Reform is actively being discussed, but I do not like to hear some of what has come out lately. I get sick of hearing how Senators are willing to pass the most recent Health Care Reform without reading it. Decisions, as critical as Health Care Reform, should not be made on a persons opinion, news media and what he/she "thought" was in the Bill.

As a cancer survivor I know how the costs are too high, we have limited options and how we cannot continue to turn anyone away. Everyone deserves proper care. We have to find a way to serve everyone with the best medical attention possible to help in areas of education, prevention, treatments, surgery, etc.

We need Health Care! It should not be hard to get a team of people (from both sides) to work full-time on Health Care and create a point-by-point action plan and show what each action will deliver and the possible negative impacts. I know getting both sides together is difficult, but not impossible. A challenge YES, but never impossible! Too many excuses have been made over the years. It is time to take this topic serious and make an intelligent decision for change.

I am optimist so I have HOPE that something will get worked out and be the right choice. What do you think will happen?