Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Late

I just realized that I did not post here (but twittered it) about my blood test results. On April 21st I got the call from my doctor that all tests came back negative. Though I was confident I was OK (I have not seen Dr. Dara since July 2006) I still thought about the "what if?" Yeah, sounds crazy, but if you recieve an offical letter from the Ocean County Health Department you should take it seriously, which I did.

Read about the Dr. Dara problem:

All of the Dr. Dara drama is over for me, but not for 2800 other people. I hope a pray all of them are OK as we should never be put in these situations do to someones incompetence.

I now move on and continue a bigger fight. The fight against cancer! I hope everyone can join me. Donate or join Team Down One today