Monday, November 3, 2008

Ride for the Roses - Saturday Oct 25th Summary

We got up early to grab some coffee and walk over to the start of the 5k. There were thousands of people there to participate which made for a great start of the day.

Tim and I joked about running the event, but both of us decided to walk quick and enjoy it. As I walked I thought a lot of my friends who are survivors. Dee, Caryn, Ron, Scott, Russ, Vicky, Jeff P, Jeff B, Kevin, Henrike, Mike B and countless others.

I specifically kept thinking of Dee and Caryn. These two brave women are both fighting cancer as I walked the 5k and I pray that they kick cancers ass and make a full recovery. Cancer SUCKS!

The 5k had a different route this year which I think made it more challenging (hills) and better. We got to see more of down town Austin. We finished the walk in 53 minutes and as I walked though the finish line I was (as were all cancer survivors) handed a yellow rose. It was at the moment I was reminded of last years 5k. I walked the 5k last year in honor of my grandfather as he was in hospice. This year I walked in memory of him.

After the walk we went back to the hotel to eat breakfast. After eating and cleaning up we took a walk around Austin to see the sights and check out Mellow Johnny’s. That was hands down the busiest cycle chop I have ever seen. Amazing how busy they were! I took some pictures of the bikes and we went for another walk around Austin.

For lunch we went back to Champions to watch the OSU vs TU game. WOW! What a great game to watch while in Austin. It was exciting to watch, but even better to experience being in Austin. The football fans are so passionate!

After the game we made the decision to pass on the Saturday dinner for the Challenge event and go to get some Sushi. Since Tim and I were not riding on Sunday we did not want to eat pasta. We ate dinner at Koyoto’s on Congress. The food was good and we went back to the hotel. Tim ended up going to bed early so I went down to the bar to have a few drinks before heading to bed myself.