Friday, September 5, 2008

John McCain's speech at the RNC last night

To say I am disappointed with Senator McCain's speech is an understatement. He did not mention the words cancer or disease at all. NOT ONCE!!!!

Overall he gave a good speech (he does not speak as well as Senator Obama or Governor Palin) and hit on many points, but he clearly did not communicate cancer as one of his top priorities. Neither candidate does!

You would think after attending the LIVESTRONG Summit he would make cancer a priority. I am realistic. I cannot vote for a President based on one single issue. I will be reviewing each candidate and their stance on all the important issues, but hold out hope that both Senators will step up to the plate and make cancer a part of the next two months.

I am also hoping that the "hard core" liberals & "hard core" conservatives would take a step back and review all the facts before bashing and jumping to conclusions. We have two qualified candidates running for President. This election is the most important in many years and we owe it to ourselves to make our decision base on the facts at hand and not based on our past party affiliations.

I am going to hold off on selecting a candidate until Election Day. We all know a lot can happen in 59 days. It is here in the cancer community where we need to step up and speak out on to make cancer a national priority and hold our elected officials accountable. We have 59 days to persuade Senators McCain and Obama. Let’s get to work!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WATCH Stand Up To Cancer tonight.