Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Facebook - The Best Social Networking Site?

I have blogged in the past month how Social Network sites can help you with your fundraising. Today I wanted to post on the "best in class" social networking site, Facebook. Facebook offers the users a cleaner networking site. They do not cloud your screen with commericals and special offers. They minimize that hassle. They make the user expereince a great one. They even use colors which do not blind the user.

It is also growing fast! At the LIVESTRONG Summit nearly everyone talked about connecting via facebook. Everyday I am connecting to 5-10 people I met at the Summit. No one talked about myspace or any other social network site. Well, a few did mention LinkedIn, which I also have an account.

It seems gone away are the days of myspace ruling the social networking seen. At least that seems to be the trend. We will see how is goes in the future. As I go forward facebook is the site of choice for me and many others. On the right side of the blog I have each of my social networking sites. I look forward to connecting with you.