Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NCI's - Science Serving People Portal

The following was sent to me by a fellow LIVESTRONG Summit Steering Committee member. I thought is was worth sharing.

NCI has launched a new portal on its website: Science Serving People. We encourage you to bookmark this important new site. It will be updated often, and provides the tools the public and advocates have asked for to effectively communicate about NCI and the impact of cancer research in the U.S.

The public can now access information about NCI’s budget, the burden of cancer in the US, and stories of NCI’s impact on real people in one place.

Specific parts of the site you may be interested in are:

1. A brief slide set on Why Cancer Research Is Important
2. The Cost of Cancer
3. Return on Investment in NCI
4. A collection of Fact Sheets that highlight the progress made in cancer research
5. Two-page Snapshots for each cancer type that discuss incidence, mortality, NCI funding, and key research initiatives
6. By decade, descriptions of 100 years of advances in cancer research
7. Success rates for grants in fiscal year 2007
8. An overview of how the NCI budget is developed
9. Examples of downsized and stopped programs
10. A database of all cancer-related state-level legislation
11. Four real stories about real people impacted by NCI research