Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Month Check up

Today I went to see my urologist Dr. Martin Schor. The docotors appoints for the check is the easy part. I went in and spoke to Dr. Schor for a few minutes. We reviewed my Cancer Institute of NJ visits in January and March. I got the ultra sound add to my tests this time, per Dr. Robert Weiss' request. He also gave me an exam and felt for lumps. I explained how I still feel a lump and per the radiologist at Robert Wood Johnson it was a calcium deposit.

After talking to Dr. Schor and letting him know i will be at the LIVESTRONG Summit next week he wrote out my needed tests. While he was writing out the prescriptions he said I was doing great things. It was nice to hear the kind words from the man who help give me some direction during my cancer journey. He also told me my 6 month check ups have now turned into 4 months. This is to be safe and ensure we track the lump.

  1. CT Scan Pelvic
  2. CT Scan Abdomen
  3. CT Scan Chest
  4. Ultrasound of Scrotum
  5. Blood work for Tumor Markers (done)

I left his office and ran across RT 37 to Quest labs to get my blood work done. Then I went into work. While at work I recieved my approval code for the CT scans from my health care provider so I will now schedule the testing for Monday or Tuesday next week.

I have my fingers crossed as I might not be able to get intto the imagining place Mon-Tues. and I leave for the Summit Wednesday.....I am calling Ocean Medical Imagining right now.