Monday, June 9, 2008


Over the last few weeks I have been busy getting situated in a new position at work (Director, Voice ILD Network Engineering) and enjoying my weekends with Kristy, Caroline and Annabelle. It has been hard to find the time to post on this blog, but I am recharged and ready to go.

During this time period I have received near 80 emails from people participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge requesting assistance with their fundraising efforts. People from all over the country! Most of them are just starting out and have seen my posts on the LIVESTRONG Challenge fundraising forum. This is where registered participates in the Challenge can go to share ideas and help each other.

I humbled by the fact people are coming to me for help. I have been able to help so many people, which in the long run, will help the Lance Armstrong Foundation raise funds needed to help support critical programs for cancer research, prevention, survivorship, clinical trials and one day a cure.

It is funny how things work out. If I never got cancer June 2, 2006 I certainly would never of been able to help people in this way. There are definitely good things that come out of bad situations and this is just one of them.