Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Russ Perez - A Man on a Mission

Over the last few months I have been following the testicualr cancer journey of Russ Perez. I ran across his blog while reading the comments on the LIVESTRONG BLOG back in February of this year.

Russ has shown a great determination to BEAT cancer and not let it affect his family, friends and his everyday life. In reading Russ's blog I was reminded of my own experience which seemd similar in many ways. Just the other day Russ completed his final radiation treatment. He is ready to leave cancer behind him and get on with living his life and enjoy it.

This July Russ will be attending the LIVESTRONG Summit in Ohio July24-27. I sent him the information a while back and he applied and was accepted. The Summit will be a life changing event for Russ, much like his cancer experience, but instead the Summit will be all positive.

I look forward to the Summit and finally getting to meet Russ and many others to talk about our similar experiences.

Congratulations to Russ on completing his treatments!