Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adenoid removal Friday for my little angel

My 4 year old, little angel, Caroline is getting her Adenoids removed this Friday morning. I have to admit that I am more scared for her than I was with the potential of having cancer for a second time. Now one wants their kids to have to get surgery regardless of it being a minor or major procedure.

We are lucky that this procedure should only take 15-20 minutes to complete, but we are certainly not looking forward to experiencing the unknown during surgery. We are staying positive and have been talking to hear about it. It just does not sit well knowing she has to get this surgery.

We have gone down the medication path and that is getting us nowhere. Her doctor actually said we did everything we possibly could do to avoid the surgery. We had two options get surgery and 90% of her issues will go away or keep medicating her every 2 weeks which we want to stop. She has been on antibiotics for the last 18-24 months. Two weeks on and then two weeks off. This happens all Fall, Winter and Spring. During the summer she is OK. Surgery was the only real option.

I hope the doctors can handle her as she is going to freak out if she sees a needle. I know she is only 4, but her allergy doctor could not help hold her down do to her super human strength :-) so I do not expect the EN&T doctor to be any better.

We wait for Friday to come so we can get the surgery over with and we can get her home to rest….who am I kidding. She is going to be running around like a Looney!