Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today is Annabelle’s 1st birthday. Those who have been reading this blog over the last year know that we consider Annabelle to be a true miracle. We even know the exact date she was conceived – that is a bit strange – June 11, 2006. That is after my surgery (June 7, 2006) and several weeks before my radiation treatment started.

Things were moving fast at that time with diagnosis, second opinion, selection of treatment and surgery so before my treatments started Kristy and I talked. We agreed to put off have a second child for a few years. It was a hard decision for us, but we both agreed it was for the best.

Then at the beginning of my treatments we found out Kristy was pregnant. When we found out we were amazed. It really was a miracle! We only had one chance at conceiving between my surgery and radiation treatments and that chance gave us Annabelle. She is a great daughter and I am glad to say she reminds me of Caroline in many ways. Her infectious smile and demeanor have made the last year one of the best of my life. Annabelle has brought so much joy to our family. Check out a few photos below