Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another New Team DOWN ONE Sponsor


Ditech Networks is a global leader in voice quality. The goal of voice service is the same as it was in 1876 at the dawn of telecommunications: People want to communicate, which means they need to hear and be heard--clearly.

Their solutions are purpose-built to deliver this remarkable capability for wireless and VoIP networks. Ditech customers around the world have discovered the difference between planned voice quality and voice quality that's actually delivered to customers. And they have closed that gap at a cost that's up to 12 times lower than acquiring more infrastructure to solve the same problem.

Ditech's long-term and ongoing investment in voice quality technology, and our 15 years of experience and deployment in networks worldwide, makes us uniquely qualified to work with our customers in every stage of voice communications service: design, plan, deploy, operate, and measure.

Please visit their website, http://www.ditechcom.com/