Monday, February 4, 2008


In October 2006 my life changed after attending the LIVESTRONG Summit. It was there that I realized that I needed to be a leader in the fight against cancer. During my time there I had the honor to server as a delegate from New Jersey and along with some 700+ other cancer survivors and caregivers from around the country we made a commitment to bring back what we learned to our local areas and make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Two weeks ago I received an invitation from the LAF to be on their 2008 LIVESTRONG SUMMIT Steering Committee. The steering committee will be responsibly (with LAF staff) for reviewing applications, outreach program and helping/mentoring during the Summit. As you can imagine this was a great honor and I gladly accepted the invite. This will be another life changing event and I look forward to helping others this time.

The LIVESTRONG Summit will take place July 24-27, 2008, at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. Through an application process, the LAF will identify 1,000 current and potential leaders who are willing to champion the cause in their communities. To attend sessions that best suit their interests, delegates must choose one of three concurrent tracks: Grassroots Advocacy, Civic Engagement or Fundraising.

The LIVESTRONG Summit will bring together delegates from across the country to be inspired, empowered and trained to lead community-centered efforts to help make cancer a national priority. Anyone affected by cancer – from those recently diagnosed through post-treatment, to caregivers, family and friends – is encouraged to apply to attend the LIVESTRONG Summit. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by May 9.

LIVESTRONG Summit delegates are responsible for a $125 registration fee that covers hands-on training, conference materials and meals. The LAF will offer travel scholarships for delegates in need of financial assistance.

I encourage everyone to apply to the 2008 LIVESTRONG Summit by going to HERE. I see they have been having a few issues with their website today so please check back later if it still does not work.