Friday, January 4, 2008


In August, the Lance Armstrong Foundation held the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum, a two-day event featuring 2008 presidential hopefuls from the Democratic and Republican parties in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The cancer forum was designed to find out what the candidates running for President were planning to do to help fight cancer.

The Democrats had a good turn out with Senator - Hillary Clinton, Senator - John Edwards, Governor - Bill Richardson and Congressman - Dennis Kucinich in attendance. However the Republicans had a poor turn out with only Senator - Sam Brownback and Governor - Mike Huckabee in attendance.

Being a cancer survivor I cannot believe that all candidates were not at the cancer forum. Cancer is the #1 killer of Americans under the age of 85. It should be a top priority. Though it is sad to not see them all there it was good to see those who showed up and know all of them pledged to renew the war on cancer. I am referring the war of cancer President Richard Nixon started in 1971.

Last nights Iowa caucuses Democrat winner Barack Obama was not in attendance at the forum do to scheduling issues, but the Republican winner Mike Huckabee was there. I do not know what Senator Obama’s stance is on cancer and how he will address the issue, but I did get a sense of Governor Huckabee’s stance.

  • Supports a smoke free America
  • Better health care
  • Better nutrition
  • Better screening for cancer
Governor Huckabee plans to make the fight on cancer a major issue. He is in favor of increasing the spending for cancer and other diseases because "…money spent on the front side doesn't cost dollars, it ultimately saves them."

It is clear from last nights news reports the people of Iowa wanted a change. They wanted individuals with a different view than what we currently see on the nation’s top issues. The change was Barack Obama (D) and Mike Huckabee (R). I am glad to see one of them has taken the stand to renew the war on cancer. I am sure over the next few months Senator Obama will make cancer a part of his campaign. One would think it would be an issue that is near to his heart since his mother passed away from ovairian cancer in 1995

This is not about being a Democrat or Republican. It is about beating cancer. There is a long road ahead (10 months) and many more caucuses. Hopefully all candidates will make cancer a priority to address.