Saturday, January 12, 2008


I know what you’re thinking….what a strange name for a post. Your right, it is strange, but it helps me get to the point.

On January 10th, while performing one of my self-exam (TSE), I found a LUMP. That’s right! It is very small, but I am certain there is something there. I check myself almost every day since June 2, 2006. I know when something has changed and I am very thorough when performing a self-exam. Once you have testicular cancer you know that you need to become familiar with how you perform your checkups.

Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it will go away. Maybe it was always there but I overlooked it. Maybe it is a benign tumor. Maybe it is cancer.

This is exactly what I thought about when I found my first LUMP back in May 2006 and as you know that turned out to be testicular cancer with two seminoma tumors on my right testicle – who is no longer with me. Finding a LUMP does not mean it is cancer. Finding a LUMP does not mean much of anything until I can get it checked out.

This morning I moved up my 6 month check up from Jan 25th to Tuesday the 15th. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to see what the lump is. Then I am sure the fun will begin with an ultrasound, CT scan of pelvic, abdomen and chest, and then blood work. Doesn’t it sound like fun? And to answer your question….NO, I am not testing the healthcare system.

Until I know what is going on I will just let humor guide the way. I still remember my last ultrasound when I asked the technician, “is it a boy or girl?” I thought it was funny but she did not laugh. Humor is exactly what I need right now.

Last time I made the mistake of not telling Kristy about my first LUMP the day I found it so I made sure to tell Kristy the same night and I know she is very concerned, but from experience we believe everything happens for a reason so we will wait to hear what the doctor finds. Though I will admit that just knowing something is there SUCKS.

I sure do wish I had a better reason for my 100th post on this blog.

~ Brian Dowd