Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fundraising continues as the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly passes

I am still in fundraising mode. As of today my Challenge account is at $12,881 and I have great news. I still have several checks equaling $4,850 that were sent to the LAF last week which should clear in the coming days. That will bring me to $17,731. WOW!

At the same time that will take Team DOWN ONE to $21,956. This will put us in the top 14 fundraisers for the Philly Challenge (out of 292 teams) and #24 in the nation (out of 696 teams.) That is incredible!

I could not be more proud of our team members and our fundraising efforts. We had a great team effort and great participation effort at the Challenge. We had 22 of our 27 members present at the Challenge. I am already looking forward to next years Challenge.

I am one lucky team captain!