Tuesday, January 30, 2007

National Cancer Institute Proposed Spending Cuts

Further proof we need to build an army of cancer survivors and make cancer a national priority! President Bush and all congressional leaders need to realize that Cancer is not going away.

I read an article today in USA TODAY on proposed spending cuts which will directly affect the NCI. The cuts could stop valuable research and most importantly it could halt the progress we have seen in the decline of cancer related deaths. This is exactly what many survivors were afraid would happen. Sometimes we “think” progress means CURE and it does not. Until there is a cure for cancer we should not cut the NCI budget and we should target to increase it. The recent progress we have seen is good news, but we need to continue the momentum.

May 16th 2007 will play a critical role in getting our congressional leaders to make cancer a national priority and understand some of the issues people living with cancer face and are not being address. This day is LIVESTRONG DAY 2007!

I have blogged about this event and the LAF and how I applied to be a representative from the state of New Jersey and speak to congressional leaders. It is time to stand up and ensure our elected officials are leading the fight against cancer. There are over 10 million cancer survivors and many more caregivers, family and friends. We need to stand up together and ensure our country is doing all it can to make cancer a national priority.

Remember, it is the OBLIGATION OF THE CURED!